Javier was born in the ancient province of Avila in Castilla y Leon Spain. It was there that he led a special childhood filled with adventures, antics, and anecdotes. Bullfighting baby bulls, fishing in the creeks, pulling pranks on the local townspeople, hunting rabbits with bb guns, reading Cervantes or Lorca and telling countless untranslatable jokes. His entourage of kids would find anything they could do that would be entertaining beneath the fascist dictatorship of Franco. These events later led to an enlightened world view and a wise sense of humor that would grace his artwork with profound meaning and humanism. A few years after, while studying in Salamanca, Spain, he met, fell in love, and married a California gal. A year later their Spanish son was born. It was then they made the decision to move to California to raise their family. They moved to a farm house in Northern California. Their Javier finished his studies and became an electrical engineer. Later, he had two angelic daughters that would complete his family. Javier's Castillian childhood, his lovely wife and proud children, his poetic view, and his engineering expertise laid the groundwork for a wealth of beautiful, artful, introspective photography.